The Better Baby Flap Hat


Protect your baby’s head, neck, ears, and face with Nozone’s Better Baby Flap Hat.  Designed in the US as a safer baby sun hat, our adorable hat offers comfortable sun protection and with no toggles or other small parts.  Our safety conscious design features an elasticized band that offers a comfortable fit around the head, and a velcro chin strap offers secure placement of the hat and easy release. 

  • SUN SAFETY: Protects head, ears, neck, and face from over 98% of the sun’s UV rays / Rated UPF 50+ dry and UPF 40+ wet for excellent sun protection / All sun protection is from the weave of the fabric – no sun protective chemicals are added
  •  SAFETY: No toggles or other small parts. No drawstring. 
  • COMFORT:  Lightweight and breathable fabric / Extremely quick drying / Comfortable elastic band to fit head / Velcro chin strap for securing hat in place 
  • EASE OF USE:  Machine Wash, Warm / Lightweight and foldable for easy travel and storage / Highly Chlorine and Salt Water Resistant

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