Introducing the WINNERS of the 2016 Nozone Photo Contest! With so many wonderful entries, we had a hard time narrowing it down to just six, but we persevered and came up with these wonderful choices. We'd like to extend congratulations to these folks and a huge thank you to all who entered.



1st Place
David Montcalm

Cuba - perfect suit for swimming or flying through the air

2nd Place
Laura Tipton

A joyful day mucking at the beach at Hirtle Beach in Nova Scotia.

3rd Place
Nicole Simmons

Her Nozone sunsuit kept the intense Mexican sun off her while in and under the water!

Nozone sunsuit swimming photo contest
fun times in nozone swimwear photo contest Consolation
Jennifer Heckman

At Sand Lake Ontario my 3 year old son had a blast playing in a tub of water on the deck of the cottage!

Susie McAdam

This is Susie's great-niece Zoe.  She loves to hang out at Auntie's house and play in the pool and eat goodies all summer long.

christmas in nozone clothing Consolation
Karine Lamoureux 

They like toys, Lego, video games, but their best Christmas gift was the Mexico sun and beach!