"Just wanted to thank you very much for all your help. Of all the internet orders I have placed, I have to say.... this experience was the best as you also helped me follow up on a few questions I had so promptly. I have already received the shipment and the shirts are great. The feel of them is amazing.... it is so light and the fabric feels like it will keep me cool. I will definately not hesitate to purchase more from the internet when I need more."

- Tam A. Oakville Ontario

"I LOVE your products!!! I have been wearing the Sun Hat and Fusion shirt/jacket everyday!!! Keep up the quality of your products and add more options. A VERY satisfied customer."

- Mary P. Coronado, California

"My son has been wearing NOZONE suits for at least four years now. Thanks to NoZone his skin has stayed protected in Florida, California ,Toronto, South Carolina and now North Carolina! I really love your product."

- Sharon L. Raleigh, North Carolina

"I purchased my first swimsuits with your company 3 years ago and have been very happy with your products. The kids wear the suits everywhere - to the lake, playing in the backyard, or at the playground. The suits are so very comfortable! THANK YOU very much for the way you have helped support my family's health with your products!"

- Jane S. Jefferson, Maryland

"Thanks for your great product. My kids wear theirs ALL the time and love it, no sun trouble and no hassle with cream-whether at the cottage or on the beach down south! Thank you for all of your help and excellent customer service!"

- Andrea I. Vancouver, British Columbia

"I have received my order and I am very pleased with the service and product. I thank you for your prompt service. The outfit fits awesome and because we plan for our son to use it a lot we are confident it will last. The last one sure did! One truly happy parent."

- Shawna T. Delbourne, Alberta

"Thank you and Happy New Year. Your company's response time dazzles me!"

- Misbah M. Toronto, Ontario

"Thank you once again for your impeccable customer service. I look forward to doing business with you again."

- Bonne R. Montreal, Quebec

"Just wanted to thank you very much for all your help. Of all the internet orders I have placed, I have to say.... this experience was the best as you also helped me follow up on a few questions I had so promptly. I have already received the shipment and the shirts are great. The feel of them is amazing.... it is so light and the fabric feels like it will keep me cool. I will definitely not hesitate to purchase more from the internet when I need more. Thanks again."

- Andre T. Oakville, Ontario

"I look forward to getting the right suits - I'm impressed by the quality! I will let all my friends know about NoZone, I'm sure you will be getting other orders from Quebec city!"

- Marie-Claude A. Quebec City, Quebec

"I did get the suit JUST in time! And it was GREAT!!! Seriously, it was so wonderful to have it and the zipper was fantastic for the diaper change and it dried quickly. I am hoping it still fits her this summer, I was surprised as it seems like it just fits and I got the 18 months and she is not a large baby...

Thanks for all your follow-up"

- Amanda D.  Sommerville,  Massachusetts

"I just wanted to send an email to you and say Thank You. I ordered a shirt for my mother's birthday from your company. The woman I dealt with on the phone (Nadia, I think) was wonderful and so helpful. I really appreciated the fast service, the extra step she took to send to my mother's address rather than mine. She received the package and said the shirt fits "perfectly". My mother was very impressed and also very excited to be able to work in her garden without burning.

So thank you again for providing outstanding customer service, a quality product and a positive experience for me ordering through your company."

- Cheryl K.  Regina,  Saskatchewan

"We did get the 2 piece suit and took it to Costa Rica, and it was great!!! My 4 year old said it was comfortable and felt the same as a swimsuit, which was surprising because it was close to 40 above most days. Actually there were quite a few kids with NoZone suits on at the resort we were at! Definitely worth the money! Thanks again."

- Tanya F.  Grovedale,  Alberta

"I would like to thank you for your amazing service. My order arrived in less than 3 days. WOW. Probably the best company I have used. Your product is excellent and your customer service is top notch."

- Kim T.  Burlington,  Ontario

"Usually you get emails with complaints but I wanted to send a compliment. I bought two sun shirts a few years ago for my kids and this is the third summer in their shirts and they look almost brand new. These are the only sun shirts they don't complain about wearing. The rash guards are too much of a hassle to pull over their head, too tight around their necks and they always look for the No Zone shirts with the zipper. Thanks for making such a superior product. We have really enjoyed them."

- Nancy B.  Greensboro,  North Carolina


"Wow!! Thank you so much for the offer of the extra package! You just helped make my holiday so, so much better! As you probably already thought, I had really hoped to use your clothes this summer (during my time in Edmonton). Now, I can be a hopefully good walking advertisement for NoZone. Thank you for putting the extra effort to sign up my email. It sounds like it could work for the package to be here before I leave on Sunday. If it doesn't arrive by the estimated day, I plan to see if the post office could send it back right away when it does arrive and then get in touch with you. Thank you again so much, Katerina, Again, you and your company have offered more than I had ever expected. May you and NoZone receive your kindness back manifold times!"

- Helen H.  High Level,  Alberta

"Thank you very much for shipping my order out so quickly. I received it yesterday afternoon around 5:00. The bathing suit fits perfectly and the fabric feels great. I can't wait to try it out on my holidays."

- Connie L.  Stittsville,  Ontario

"I would like to buy a new suit for my 5 year old son. He has had one for 3 years and it barely fits but is still in perfect shape - we love it."

- Jennifer T.  Toronto,  Ontario

"We love your products. My red head thinks the full suits
are "cool". We have lived in Florida for 7 years and he is yet to have a burn."

- Nancy C.  Fort Myers,  Florida

"Wow, thanks for the excellent and fast service - I received the package the day after I ordered it! I have been asking all over town for that color pink and every retailer tells me good luck - should have bought earlier in the season - no pink left anywhere. I am pleased I thought to look online.

Thanks very much!"

- Joanne M.  Victoria,  British Columbia

"Just wanted to let you know that we received the hat and swimsuit this morning and they are perfect.  We weren't expecting it to arrive until sometime next week, so this was a pleasant surprise.  Again, thank you very much for all your support and know that we will be recommending your company to everyone we can!"

- Karen M.  Deep River, Ontario

"I love the product and so do my kids.  I have attached a couple of pictures just to show you how good your product looks....not that you didn't already know that."

- Beckie M.  Pickering, Ontario

"Thanks! The order arrived today. My son lasted two full seasons with his last NoZone suit and he is excited that his new one has arrived."

- Angela D  Toronto, Ontario

"Wow, the order was at my door on Thursday December 10th and the items are perfect.  So perfect actually that I would like to order another Keppie Hat in Navy also in a large."

- Cindy S.  Merritt, British Columbia

"Thank you very much for processing my order so quickly. My parcel arrived (in south London, UK) this morning, only a week after placing the order and the sun suit looks to be of excellent quality. It is difficult to buy two piece sun suits in the UK, and impossible to find them for larger children. I will tell all my friends!"

- Sue T.   London, England

"I bought your UV suits (Grenada & Aruba) for two of my children for our trip to Cuba.  They were amazing and gave me piece of mind as well as the confidence to let them play at the beach or at the pool.  We were the envy of many families trying to protect their babes from the sun.  I could have sold dozens during my week there!  Thank you for making such a fabulous product."

- Barbara G.  Shelburne, Ontario

"We have received the new suit. Thank you!  The kids love them and even wear them for indoor swim lessons and around the house play.  I am thrilled."

- Darla C.  Albany, Texas

"I just wanted to say thank-you for such great service!  The suit arrived the next day, and I am delighted with it.  It is my daughter's second NoZone suit, as she had outgrown her first one. Keep up the good work!"

- Lara H.   Campbell River, British Columbia

"Thank you so much... My package arrived just before lunch and my son just loved the two piece Typhoon.  WOW!!  You would have thought I had just presented him with a million dollars.  Your prompt attention and wonderful attitude will most certainly bring me back to NoZone! With sincerest thanks!"

- Leslie H.  Oakville, Ontario

"Thank you very much! The girls love their suits."

- Christina W.  Palo Alto, California

"NoZone suits have turned summer outings for my Day Care into a whole lot more fun with a lot less stress. My kids eagerly jump into their suits, and we have a blast outdoors without worrying about sunscreen losing its effectiveness or getting washed off. Kids also love how their suits feel against their skin."

- Lolly P.   Victoria, British Columbia

"Thank you very much.  You have a wonderful company and I've never ever had such great customer service"

- Nicole D.    Kelowna, British Columbia

"Hello NoZone. My mommy thought I should send this photo taken of me last weekend in my brand new sunsuit (the the beautiful Buctouche sand dunes). Because I am very fair and I have red hair, my parents were very happy to find a suit that protects me while I have fun in the sun! "

- Benjamin W.   Moncton, New Brunswick

"We'll look forward to purchasing suits from you again in the future, and certainly would recommend your company and product to friends. I am impressed with your commitment to quality and service.

As our 9-year-old said when the suit arrived, "What a good company!".   He's right!"

- Jennifer S.  Calgary, Alberta

"We camped on the weekend and all three boys loved wearing their two-piece suits.  They could swim, then play in the sand, then jump on their bikes without me worrying about them getting a sunburn (of course, I needed to re-apply sunscreen in the exposed areas).  We saw a number of UV suits at the provincial park...all of them NoZone.  My friend said the suits must pay for themselves...her sunscreen costs $1 an ounce.  My husband said his shirt felt cool and comfortable and didn't interfere with swimming.  I guess I'm next on the list..."

- Wendy L.   Newmarket, Ontario

"We LOVE the suits."

- Valerie P   Eagle, Idaho

"My daughter recieved her suit and hat the other day and she was thrilled.She enjoys wearing it even out of the water.  Thank you for your timely service. ( I recieved the suit 5 days after placing the order.  I think it is wonderful that a company such as yours has the interest of childrens' safety in mind.  I  wish you the best and plan to be a repeat customer in the future."

- Mara S.   Wyoming, Ohio

"We picked up a couple of your suits for our boys whilst we were in Canada at a MEC store.  We're thrilled with them.  We moved to California from Ottawa 15 months ago and are delighted to have a  "home grown" solution to sun exposure down here.  My kids are great advertising for your product with our friends. Their dad is of South African/ Indian descent, so their legs, arms & faces are quite dark. But their arms legs and torsos remain remarkably light as they spend a lot of time in their NoZone suits and in the sun. It's pretty obvious what does a better job sunscreen or NoZone suits. Thanks for a wonderful product that helps us do the best for our kids!"

- Tracey A. San Jose, California

"Wanted to share that the sun suit and hat arrived yesterday. They are great. My 2-year old son put the hat on to check the fit and wouldn't take it back off. He thought it was so cool. We checked the fit of the suit this morning and it's great. He is comfortable with some room to grow. Again like the hat, he wanted to wear it rather than take it off. 

I want to thank you for your fantastic customer service. I want you to know that I have passed on your name and website to several friends and will be ordering for my middle son soon I think. He has had his suit 2 yrs & I think this year it may be too small. I really appreciate your wonderful help."

- Loretta F.  Hamilton,  Ontario

"I have Lupus, and we're having a hard time keeping it in control. My doctor recommended that I might benefit from some form of UV protective clothing and gave me some sites to look at. Yours being one of them. 

When I came home, I started checking about the clothing. Your site was the one that had the type of clothing that I was looking for so I ordered a hoodie shirt. I was amazed at how quickly it came directly to my door. It was under 4 days from the day I ordered online. 

I just have to say, that I'm really impressed with the service and price! The quality is great too. The weather is really hot and humid here this week and I'm getting lots of use out of my hoodie! I'll be ordering more in the future! Thanks so very much from someone who has been trying to stay out of the sun and heat for over 5 years! You've given me some freedom to enjoy the summer with my 3 kids!"

- Cheryl K.  Miramichi,  New Brunswick

"Thanks again for your great customer service!!!!!! 

The check was sent out from the post office today for the remainder of the balance due."

- Angie T.  Raleigh,  North Carolina

"We would like to thank you for the prompt exchange in size for our daughter's bathing suit. It arrived in time enough for us to have it for our trip down to the Mayan Riveria in Mexico. The bathing suit is a great fit and Chloe is sure to get lots of use out of it for the summer months to come!!!! 

The bathing suit served its purpose for protection from the powerful Caribbean sun and also dried quickly so that Chloe could have as much fun in the sun without any wet clothes hanging on her. 

Please find attached some photos of her in your product. 

Thanks again."

- Doug and Brandy S.  Windsor,  Ontario

"Your clothing looks and feels awesome."

- Larry L.  Ludlow,  Massachusetts

"We just came back from a 2-week vacation to Guadeloupe with our 3 children (8, 5 year-old and 4 month-old baby). Everybody, including us were wearing our NoZone suit/shirts, which protected us very well from sun burns. Last year, without the suits, we (the adults) had sun burns even if we were wearing sun screen lotion. 

The shirts are great, very comfortable and dry quickly. Would it be possible to have adult suits as my husband is very fair-skinned and would have wanted a full suit. As well, it would be appreciated if long sleeve adult shirt would have a zipper in front, just like the kids' shirts. 

We are sending you a picture of our crew on the beach. Thanks again and long life to your great products. I would be happy to write this note in French if ever it is needed."

- Caroline Q.  Montreal,  Quebec

"Thanks so much. I'm thrilled with your service....I've told some friends about you too. Many thanks. "

- Patti D.  Charlottetown,  Prince Edward Island

"This is our 4th year in ordering from NoZone. We love your products, and ... I've been telling everyone I can about your swimsuits. We get asked a lot at the pool about our swim clothes. We love it... Once again thank you for the great products and fast service."

- Dalat M.  Richmond,  Kentucky

"Thank you for your help this spring. My three girls love their NoZone full-length suits. The one shirt I ordered is too large but everything else fits. 

In one month of summer, our experience with your product has been positive. The suits are comfortable and easy for the kids to wear. My kids love the colors. They use their suits for general play and water fun. They pretty much wear their suits any time they need sunscreen, which is a lot. You would not believe how this has simplified our life! They are wearing great, wash up well and I hope they will last through this season and be able to be handed down to the younger children. 

I am happy to recommend your company to everyone I meet and thrilled to support a Canadian business with a quality product. "

- Sandra T.  Camrose,  Alberta

"I just wanted to thank you all so much. A while ago your company donated some NoZone clothing to my little boy who has Trichothiodystrophy. I wanted to try the clothing out before writing back to you and WOW.... it has been very hot and sunny here in southern California lately and I am convinced that it is because of you clothing that my son has not ended up in the hospital. Collin is XP-D which means that he is allergic to the sun. His sun time has been limited to 15 minutes a day. As you can imagine this is very hard for a six year old boy to accept. On occasion we are out longer than 15 minutes and he has his hat and long sleeve shirt on and it has protected him from blisters, lesions, and sores that he would normally get from the sun!!!!! I can not tell you thank you enough for what you have done for my little boy and for our family!!! You will forever be in our hearts because of your kindness. Thank you!!!!

- Jason, Julie, Collin, and Regan P.  Lakewood,  California

"We received our order in the middle of the 2nd business day after placing it. I was so shocked when it arrived so quickly. Our kids wanted to wear the suits right out of the package. And continued to do so for the remainder of the day. They fit perfectly ... thanks to your online sizing chart. I love the fact that they'll provide the necessary sun protection on our family cottage dock in sunny Muskoka this summer. 

Thank you for an excellent, trouble-free online shopping experience and for providing a superior sun protection product."

- Lisa P.  Toronto,  Ontario

"We purchased a sun suit for our 19 month old at the beginning of this summer and it has been fantastic.  Our son, Arthur, is either in the ocean or the pool every day and we feel confident that he is well protected in his Nozone suit. Thanks for super products."

- Jason B.  Vancouver, British Columbia

"Just a note to let you know your company rocks. I placed my order on Thursday, my black one-piece suit arrived today (incredible given the long weekend). I put it on and my four-year-old step son thought it looked like a superhero costume. Now that's a ringing endorsement."

- Cindy F.  Whistler, British Columbia

"You have a note from me posted regarding receiving a suit for my 9 1/2 year old son.  He is now 11 1/2, still very slender, and just finished his third summer in the same two piece suit.  We live on the shores of Lake Huron, and that suit is at a sunny beach every day in July and August.  My daughter just finished her second summer in one of your suits, and it still looks good after much hard wear.  I reccomend them to all of my friends, and I'll certainly buy more if the kids ever grow out of them (they don't seem to wear out!)."

- Linda J  Camlachie, Ontario

"I just wanted to thank you for having such a great product, it has saved my kids from several burns. I forgot what the company name was and searched the web for days, hours and happily stumbled upon your site.

We are going on vacation and I'm glad we will be taking your suits along! Glad to have found your company once again."


Sherry M.  Amherst, New York

"Your customer service is fantastic.  I will definitely recommend you to others. I took 2 suits I had bought for my son to Mexico and he did not burn at all.  The product is great and gives me peace of mind.  I will be ordering more suits from you when he grows out of these ones.

Thanks again!!"

- Ingrid W.  Bolton, Ontario

"Thats what I like quick and fast service - I give you my highest praise!!!"

- Michael G. Amsterdam, New York

"For your information:  the bathing suit set I ordered arrived in the mail today.  It fits my very slender 9 1/2 year old son perfectly.  I am thrilled to have a Canadian source, and I'm happy with your quality and service. "

- Linda J.   Camlachie, Ontario

"These will be the second NoZone suits I have purchased for my children. We purchased the first ones in Toronto. We recently relocated to California and I was delighted to find your web-site. Your products are outstanding, in terms of sun-protection, comfort, looks and durability."

- Amanda K.   Mountain View, California

"I received the replacement swim suit for my son Ryan I wanted to commend you on your fast, efficent and no hassle service. Thank you for all your help. I will reccomend NoZone for the wonderful product as well as the excellent guarentee and outstanding service."

- Lee D.   Riverview, New Brunswick

"Thank you for your great service"

- Dawn G.   Sun Protective Clothing   Kingston, Ontario

"I was first introduced to NoZone suits by the Swimco rep. when my firstborn was only 10 months old.  I told her that he was always shivering after 15 minutes in the pool during lessons and that was a major concern - especially to a first time mom.  She was very empathatic and assured me that NoZone swimsuits would protect his fragile skin from the cold and from ultraviolet rays when outdoors. Although the price was a wee bit higher than the conventional shorts like bathing suit, her recommendation was worth every penny and I have purchased a NoZone swimsuit every year for him and his little sister since they are growing like weeds." 

- Nancy Y.   Vancouver, British Columbia

"I bought one of your 2 piece outfits for my 9 year old daughter--she loves it and her friends thinks it's pretty cool."

- Patti P.  Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Thanks very much, we and received our suits within 3 days of ordering them.  I am very impressed with your service and with the quality of the clothing.  I will only purchase NoZone suits in future and will be telling my family and friends about them.  Thanks NoZone."

- Paige G.   Kelowna, British Columbia

"My children were thrilled with the suits. They want to play in them all day. My little girl wants to sleep in hers!  Thank you again for your great service."

- Melissa F.  Ottawa, Ontario

"I love your product!"

- Marinka H.   Bolton, Ontario

"Thank you so much. Connor's suit arrived in the mail Wednesday. He was so happy to have it he put it right on and slept in it. (He loves the feel of the suits because they don't have those mesh liners like boy suits usually do. Thanks again. I am so impressed."

- Sharon B.  Thunder Bay, Ontario

"You do not know how thrilled I am with the service and the suits."

- Lee D  Riverview, New Brunswick

"Thank you again for your service.  I received the NoZone suits today and they are wonderful.  I was afraid we wouldn't have them in time, but NoZone came through. Thanks"

- Joyce F.  Dyer, Indiana

"My Children love your suits they are in them all the time. I am so glad I found you.  I first saw them in Muskoka and now that I have found them I am thrilled.   Thank you so very much for creating such a fabulous product."

- Carolyn K. Toronto, Ontario

"I'd like to say how much I love your products - they're fantastic."

- Michelle M.   Ottawa, Ontario